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Burkhard Mahler is also founder and CEO of Mahler Movie Music CTP LLC in Germany. Their philosophy is to promote independence in production, creation and publishing of music titles by placements in the film and television field.

Mahler has published as a musician and producer more than 28 albums; the Library of MMM CTP LLC-Burkhard Mahler includes currently more than 150 tracks and songs that are predominantly registered with GEMA in Germany and the BMI in the US.

Mr Mahler offers his full service for individual music compositions at a fair price.

The creation, production and combination of instrumentals for existing vocals starts at 200 $ per song.
The mastered product can be included, if suitable, in the Mahler Movie Music distribution for media placements.

Requests are welcomed under 0049-(0)179-9183190 as he is currently working from Germany-
or just write him an e-mail to info@burkhardmahler.de
He is looking forward to get back to you then as soon as possible.

Thank you very much

Please also take a look at www.burkhardmahlermusic1.com


Our History

Mr. Mahler
is certified as a graphic designer and communications specialist BAW, both of which he gained in Munich.

As part of his free and applied design activities he received an entry in the Lexicon of Creative and Picturing Art of The Transitioning 20th Century, Vol 5.

His musical career started with the millennium again. Burkhard Mahler is self-taught musician and uses both, analog and virtual orchestrations.

His inspirations are the Pink Floyd, Rush, Kings of Leon and many more.

The student European campaign spot against female circumcision won with his music at that time the first Academy Award for Communication Design, U5.
In July 2015 Mahler won the Akademy Award for the best instrumental rock album in LA, California.

He is playing guitar and keyboard.

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